This Leo Sunrise                                                                   2005 –

This Leo Sunrise was formed in the Netherlands in the spring of 2005. Their sound was shaped by a common love of delicate folk-like songs and more capricious (instrumental) rock music. The band has played several tours and shared the stage with several well known acts like The Low Anthem, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, The Cave Singers, Damien Jurado, Tarentel, Great Lake Swimmers, Hrsta, Willard Grant Conspiracy, Templo Diez, Sin Ropas, Gregor Samsa and Esmerine.

Graeae                                                                                      2013 –

Graeae consists of three musicians with varying instrumentation. In addition to guitar you can hear the accordeon, double bass, violin and cello. Graeae creates slow fragile soundscapes with a cinematic character and a dark undertone. On stage Graeae improvises live on old film footage or recent self-shot footage with a surrealistic character. Immerse yourself in the music of the movies from David Lynch, which he will never going to make.

NoirEau                                                                                  2019 – 

Trio from Utrecht that produces “small” sounds with objects and then launches epic enlargements into space. An 21st century interpretation of the Musique Concrète movement, with a touch of industrial and dark ambient noise, where the experiment is not shunned.

Gilbert & Violet                                                                    2011 –

Unpretentious cheerful duo that plays love songs of old and new musical heroes. The work is varied from The Smiths to Kings of Convenience. Singing together accompanied with just a acoustic guitar and violin. You can hear the harmonies and blue notes in the streets or at the local park in Utrecht. It’s their natural playing field!

Zapperdeck                                                                           2006 – 2009

Dutch poetry-pop of a cheerfull quartet with a melancholic musical tone. Based in Amsterdam and Utrecht we had a lot of fun in the first decade 21th century with one spectacular tv-performance 😉