New formation: NoirEau

Listen to my new project ‘NoirEau’ at our bandcamp. NoirEau produces “small” sounds with objects and then launches some epic enlargements into the room. An 21st century interpretation of the Musique Concrète movement, with a touch of industrial and dark ambient noise, where the experiment is not shunned.

by Martijn Stadhouders

New release coming very soon…

On the 9th of december we – GRAEAE – present our new release! Will it be on a 180 gram vinyl, or a CD, or a tape…..? you’ll find out soon. It’s gonna be a great night, also because we will play with DAAU that evening.

Very nice review

Such a great review from WoNoBloG Thank you so much. Proud of my boys.

“With Do Not always See This Leo Sunrise has produced not only a sonic adventure and a piece of musical art, it stirs my imagination for the whole of the record. It’s impossible not to see all snippets of all sorts of stories playing themselves out in front of my eyes.”

…it was lovely!


Wow……a packed Doornroosje full of people who listened silently to our music. What an incredible night!! Many thanks to the crew of Doornroosje and Damien Jurado with band!

photos @ Peter Pricken

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