NoirEau                                                                                    2020

Trio from Utrecht that produces “small” sounds with objects and then launches epic enlargements into space. An 21st century interpretation of the Musique Concrète movement, with a touch of industrial and dark ambient noise, where the experiment is not shunned. Listen to Février.

Improvisation on tape: Scylla and Charybdis                   2018

A spontaneous session with RvD and me. We improvised and the two pieces, later named as Scylla and Charybdis, they landed on a tape.  Recommended to listen with headphone….

Recording session with Stems                                             2016

On a cold day in february we recorded the song Eclipse in the Serpentine Studio. Stems is a great three piece instrumental band from Huddersfield (UK) with drums, guitar and cello. They describe it as: to mix experimental guitar and classical instruments, to create music with the energy of rock music but with the elongated and elaborate structures of Western and Indian classical music. 

Recording session with Port of Call                                  2014 – 2015

This is a very talented friend who knows his way around songwriting and guitar playing. And his disarming singing will blow you away. We did a small tour together (with This Leo Sunrise) and I recorded some violin and cello for his album Our body it like an ocean, it changes.

On tour with Wooden Ambulance                                     2014

This is a great band from Serbia. The singer Goran went to the Netherlands for a busy week of touring in the lowlands. I’ve been asked to join this ‘solo’ tour in february 2014, together with Ivana and Pieter. We played in several cosy livingrooms and we’ve met wonderful people. It was a nice experiment and a fantastic week! Listen to the song Dishonest, live recorded by Serpentine

Stay in Tune                                                                          2013

I’m so honored that Rutger Zuydervelt asked me to be part of his project Stay in tune. This is a brilliant audio work and installation based on the moment when an orchestra gets in tune, before a performance. More then 150 musicians and singers were asked to record an ‘a’, using whatever technique or style they liked (amongst them Peter Broderick). The result was a fantastic piece of modern music! The installation was showed at the festival Into the Great Wide Open 2014. Check it out!

Recording and touring with Bart van der Lee              2013 – 2014

Recording some violin on Bart van der Lee his second album released on Snowstar Records in September 2013, called Ballads For The Heathens Or Dying. We toured with a full band through the Netherlands playing in some nice venues like Paradiso and Tivoli.

Soundtrack ‘Witte Dieren’‘                                                    2010

In this short movie filmmaker Marius Bruin asked me to participate as an cello playing ‘actress’ and to write the soundtrack. It’s based on a story of the Dutch writer and poet Jan Arends.

Soundtrack ‘Terug naar Petoesjki’                                   2011

Filmmaker Marius Bruijn asked us, This Leo Sunrise, to make our own version of the song Leteli Ablaka, original by DDT. It is the titlesong of his film ‘Terug naar Petoesjki’. You can hear a lot of impovisations from us in the movie also.

Le Noise di Figaro                                                                 2015

The band Lärmschutz that sounds like “freejazz, garage, psychedelica, noise (lot’s of noise!), punk, free improvisation and sheer volume”, invited me and my cello to join their improv modern opera project. It is released on tape on the New York based label Ephem Aural in 2016. Listen to it over here

Violin part for ‘Heading for LA’                                        2015

I recorded a violin part for the song ‘Heading for LA’ written by singer-songwriter Sascha Elisah. The song is inspired by a work of art that will be exhibited in the Groninger museum. Listen to it over here….